Family Dentistry

Family Dentistry in North York, Ontario

Why having your dentist as a part of your family healthcare plan is important?

When it comes to your family’s health, you have many goals, fears, and concerns to keep in mind--and there may be important things that you’ve pushed to the back burner for too long.

Whether you’re selecting an insurance plan, saving for healthcare expenses, or scheduling appointments into your busy life, making time for dental care is essential for your family’s well-being. 

Keeping your teeth clean now
 can pay huge dividends later, when having a clean bill of dental health can be the difference between losing your teeth and keeping them. Learning how to take care of your teeth is the first step toward keeping them healthy for the rest of your days.

At Parkwoods Dental, you, your spouse, your kids, and everyone else under your roof can rest easy under the dental care of Dr. Sivendra , the leading family dentist in North York, ON. 

At his office, you can be treated for a variety of dental issues, or simply get routine check-ups. Take a look at a few of the dental services Dr. Sivendra provides his patients below:

Crowns & Bridges
Cosmetic Fillings
Root Canal Therapy
Tooth Extractions
Scaling and Root Planing
Braces (including Invisalign and Clear Correct invisible braces) Sedation

Oral Examination

During your family's initial consultation at Parkwoods Dental, they'll receive a visual examination conducted by Dr. Sivendra, followed by charting and periodontal probing before a personalized treatment plan is put into place. X-rays will also be taken of your family's periodontal structures so that a proper diagnosis can be made of any proximal decay existing in their teeth that would have otherwise been overlooked.

For more information about the dental services Dr. Sivendra family dentistry brings its patients, give his office a call at (416) 444-2828 today and begin your family's journey towards happier, healthier smiles!

If you or your family need dental care, then it is time to schedule your appointment with 

our North York, ON office by calling (416) 444-2828 today!

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